Asset Management

Our team at JoCo Partners, in addition to providing timely reporting to our investors, digs deep inside our financials on a day-to-day basis to identify savings opportunities that on-site management generally does not seek out. The economies of scale that we have access to allows for significant savings from utilities, to material costs, and other operational efficiencies.


Our unique approach to sourcing new acquisitions is a method by which we identify off-market opportunities for our investors. Our team of Acquisition Specialists work tirelessly navigating through available database metrics, finding opportunities that many times, no other competitors know exist. Additionally, the relationships we’ve built over years with real estate brokers in our target markets affords us further opportunity to see all the potential acquisitions available in a timely manner.

Financial Reporting

We provide quarterly statements to our investors that include the income statement, current balance sheet and data on trends from occupancy to delinquency among other relevant information. Additionally, during the renovation process, we provide detailed progress reports and photos of the work performed. Through our related property management company, Nexus RE, LLC, we use web-based property management and financial reporting software to track and record all the financial activity.


We provide a comprehensive apartment marketing strategy to our related property management company. We utilize many available marketing channels, but more importantly, we monitor a backend analytics platform that measure the results so we utilize only those sources that produce the most traffic and is most cost effective. Additionally, a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is developed for each community to provide us with a competitive advantage that few competitors utilize.

Due Diligence & Feasibility Analysis

Before JoCo Partners acquires an asset and hands over day-to-day management to our Property Management division at Nexus RE, LLC, we complete a comprehensive due diligence process of both the physical and financial conditios. A market analysis, an inspection of every unit, and an audit of the lease documents are part of this process. In addition, we hire experts in electrical, plumbing, roofing, hvac as well as general contractors to provide professional opinions on property conditions and to inspect all accessible areas. Combined, these efforts result in a preliminary capital and operating budget that is then handed over to our experienced Construction Division at Ava’s Construction, LLC to make our plan a reality. These due diligence and feasibility services are also available, for a fee, to third party clients/investors that may be anticipating an acquisition.